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Winter’s Masks #RonovanWrites #Haiku Challenge 394

sight for sore eyes

vast winter landscape
the blinding glare of the sun
snow goggles or masks

[senryu.] Copyright © 2022-01-24, by Lizl Bennefeld.

Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 394 GLARE and Mask.

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Rough Chopped Breakfast | Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 342

Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 342 Rough and Season


rough chop the fixings
melt some butter in the pan
season eggs to taste

serve fancy meals to your guests
when you’re alone, please yourself

Copyright © 2021-01-26, by Lizl Bennefeld.


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Poetry Heals workshops and writing prompts: Thoughts

feather from a Flickertail

Last night (Wednesday), I participated in a Poetry Heals workshop (via Zoom). The free workshop sessions are held weekly, at least through September. It’s sponsored by Poetry Heals: bringing therapeutic writing to difficult lives. in Colorado. Link to the post on their site: Poetry Heals launches Caring for Caregivers

All of us who are not totally alone have become caregivers (and care-receivers?) for one another. That can be a burden. It was interesting, identifying my emotions, writing funny bits and/or poems, and writing with others what my current emotions feel like. And sharing what was written with other members of the group.

This morning, during the Lunchtime Write-in I participate in, I tried a less rough, rough draft summarizing my thoughts, written as a poem, for the final exercise.

I know what I write
I write what I see
I feel what is outside
and inside of me

I cannot change the past
I wouldn’t know what change to make
I cannot guide the future
I can only live todays
I trust all to God’s hands

God forgives and understands
So I know that all is always well
I rest in my choices and rejoice
in God’s peace and grace

Copyright © 2020-09-02, by Liz Bennefeld. (Rev. 2020-09-03).

On a brighter note, the “funny haiku” that I wrote in response to the photograph of a pair of bullfrogs sitting side by side, quite satisfied expressions on their faces:

Bull and his friend, Frog,
shared a swarm of tasty flies
your turn, now, to eat

(Copyright © 2020-09-02, by Liz Bennefeld.)

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#RonovanWrites #Haiku : Wins and Losses

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #229 Win&Lose

I have lost and won
but looking back, I can’t tell
losses from the wins

roads that turn and twist can change
the balance of a life

Copyright © 2018-11-28, by Liz Bennefeld.

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Update: Reallocating resources

As with theartofdisorder dot net, I am also discontinuing my Personal plan at WordPress for quiltedpoetry dot net and reverting to the free plan with fewer amenities.  More of my writing is personal and on paper, these days, and I find myself wanting more time and attention available for other concerns.

I am continuing with my writing and increasingly, my photography. While I enjoy (crave?) interaction with people on a personal basis, engagement has decreased on the Internet over the decades. At the same time, my motivations and goals are changing.

I am not going away. However, I am reallocating resources.



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budding branches in a still evening against light cloud cover
Resting Winds

the wind rests quiet on the land
faint sunlight shrinks behind
tree branches and blue clouds
pasted on a blue-grey sky

birds sing summonings
then nestle into nests
for warmth throughout
a night with which the cold
returns too soon

cling to the cold, a shield
against the warming days

Copyright © 2018-05-11, by Lizl Bennefeld.

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Day 26, Life-long learning | #NaPoWriMo2018

flower seed packets scattered on a desk
Next month’s flowers

nahaiwrimo:April 26 LEARN

Real life-long learning doesn’t have to be profound or deep or even long-lasting. Doing so keeps us young! While in Boston this last weekend, I learned that I love lobster rolls. I also learned that I love the warm welcoming people I met. Learning something new blesses us all in one way or another and perhaps only in hindsight. Onward!

a water pail
moist dirt between my toes
sunlight’s warmth
after a lingering winter
it’s time to plant flowers

Copyright © 2018-04-26, by Elizabeth Bennefeld.

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Day 24: Growing Up | #NaPoWriMo2018

hometown cemetery

Prompt for the day, Cayahoga library: List all the jobs you have had, including volunteer work and other unpaid jobs. Turn the list into a list poem by rearranging, repeating or just titling it. /Or/ write a poem about one of them.

I thought I’d stick to the jobs during grade school and high school, leaving out the gardening chores, since that really was free labor for the common good.


“It’s good for you”

My first jobs, tedious but
character- and muscle-building
picking rocks at springtime
in farmers’ fields
kids’ time is cheaper than repairs

Father rented us out by the day

The second summer job lasted
much shorter than it seemed
which was always and forever
clipping grass around stones
mowing the cemetery grounds
setting traps for ground squirrels
who spoiled painstaking work—
lugging pails of well water
to drown the pests or
drive them out

Should have stuck with the rock picking

The best job of my childhood
was selling door to door
in a small town every household
finds the need for more stationery
cards for none or all occasions
so their children find buyers, too

Pay-off was a week or two
each August far away from home
for private and group lessons,
ensemble, band and choir rehearsals

Brass ensemble work cost extra…
Worth the miles walked to get there

Copyright © 2018-04-24, by Elizabeth Bennefeld.


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Day 9: Who We Were | #NaPoWriMo2018

I decided to go back to April 9, to the Pilgrimage prompt, and wander a bit through the family tree. My mother was a genealogist, among other things, and we kids got to do research, each in our turn.

Who We Were
[still a rough draft]

Our people came from Iowa
by way of the Norman invasion,
Mayflower I and II, the Winthrop Fleet
by way of rivers on diverse craft
neighbors with neighbors
towns moving together

They arrived in the Firelands
then settled in Iowa and
opened South Dakota—farms
were lost behind the dam, so
back to small-town Iowa

Penneys went into retail, catalog sales
A connection of “our” Bennetts sent
Stanley to find Livingston
the Deans made sausage, and the
Gallops (Kolopp, from Alsace) took polls

The grocery store owner in
South Dakota patented a plow
the Carters served in India
as Methodist missionaries
Evangeline Ink wrote an exposé
novel about TB camp swindles

My generation and the next have been
lawyers, executives, freelancers, clerks
writing and publishing books,
poetry. textbooks, and many stories
nurses caring for the injured and elderly,
builders, handcrafters, quilters,
artists, musicians

Myself, I grow wild flax
in the backyard garden, take naps
with the puppy dogs, make up recipes
and do the laundry, play piano, and
hold my husband close to my heart

I read only as many books in a week
as I write poems, a photo for most
no children, but a library
gathered over a lifetime
determined to leave no book unread…
always buying more

There’s always time to write a poem…
time to read a book

Copyright © 2018-04-10, by Elizabeth W. “Lizl” Bennefeld.

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Journaling: paper vs. digital

books, journals, and writing implements
The Written Word: here or there?

I find it interesting, how different the topics are for my online journal from the paper journal that I have returned to since the first of 2018. Things that I would only post, if at all, on my Patchwork Prose site, which still suffers little to no traffic in any given month. (I have not brought myself to write there much.)

I suspect that I am more secretive than I’d thought. Or, more accurately, how much a “private person” I’ve turned out to be, simply because I do not talk much about externals. Because I don’t live in the externals.

Often, a “thing” or “experience” seems not objectively real until I write it down somewhere. Or relive it to myself in words so that it will stick. I have found it interesting that I can go back through memory and reimage, should other events overtake me, and so file a happening in words in my mind or on paper afterwards. Not always, but sometimes. Enough.

When I look back through the written journals before I shred them (I have journaled since my high school years), I find that a lot of what I have puzzled over/pondered, surprises me. Looks unfamiliar. The same is true of my online journals. Excepting, perhaps, the poems that I write.






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Response Poem (29 November 2017)

Brewer: For today’s prompt, write a response poem. The poem can be a response to anything–a piece of news, some art, a famous (or not so famous) quotation, or whatever. However, I thought it might be a cool opportunity to respond to a poem that you’ve written this month. If both poems work, it could make an interesting dynamic to have two (or more) poems that interact with each other.

leaves on edge
dance to autumn’s wind
jeté…temps levé

Elizabeth Bennefeld, haiku: Autumn Dance, Copyright © 2017-10-18

yesterday, leaves fell
today they spiral upwards
reaching for the sky

as nature strives for balance
who falls down, must rise again

Elizabeth Bennefeld, tanka, Copyright © 2017-11-29