Halloween Awakening (SFPA – 2015)

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mist arising in a dark forest

“Halloween Awakening”
by Liz Bennefeld

I awaked to chill and silence,
feeling faint, my eyesight dim,
feet light upon the boards as I arise.

What is it that’s dissolving?
Is it just the shoreline under fog?
My feet obscured by mist?
Has the solid stone vanished under ocean waves,
The sand melted away beneath my feet?

Has the universe disintegrated? Or
have I died, unraveled into wisps of cloud…
and blown away…


Copyright © 2015-10-18, by Elizabeth W. Bennefeld. Originally written for the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s 2015 Online Halloween Poetry Reading, co-editors Liz Bennefeld and Shannon Connor Winward, and published in audio format on 19 October 2015 at http://www.sfpoetry.com/halloween.html. (Links to previous Halloween Reading pages can be found at the bottom of that web page.)