Poetry Assortment

Previously published poems, various genres and venues. It’s an assortment because in the 70s I didn’t actually keep track of most of them. A number of my poems also were published in a short-lived (I think) campus literary magazine whose name I do not remember. George Halverson was the editor, and the first edition came out in the spring of 1967; I was an English major that academic year. I finished up my English major that summer and moved over to philosophy, taking Literary Criticism from Dr. Walther Prausnitz for philosophy credit. If I recall correctly, I and Jay Pepple, who also was taking the course for philosophy credit, were the only two in the class to earn an “A”.

Some of my previously published poetry:

Mother’s Cookbook

Luncheon Guests

Three-Day Weekend

Vision Stalker

Crying Children

See also: Performed Poetry subpages for poems originally published in audio format on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association’s (SFPA) annual Online Halloween Poetry Reading pages; other poems published in various SFPA anthologies, contest chapbook, and the Star*Line journal.



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