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Winter’s Masks #RonovanWrites #Haiku Challenge 394

sight for sore eyes

vast winter landscape
the blinding glare of the sun
snow goggles or masks

[senryu.] Copyright © 2022-01-24, by Lizl Bennefeld.

Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 394 GLARE and Mask.

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snowflakes on water

snowfall on water
snow on open water

windswept sunlight
ripples sparkle on the water
shadows dance below

when the lake’s surface stills
each falling snowflake chimes

Copyright © 2020/10/01, by Lizl Bennefeld.

This is the first day in October, and judging by the temperature drop, I am expecting snow to appear soon in our weather forecasts. As it stands, frost late tonight and tomorrow morning, and watch out for winds and wind chill information.

Concept source: “The Sound of Snowflakes”, by Philip Ball. See “Lake in Winter” for a previous poem that centers on this information.

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Promises of Snow | #RonovanWrites #Haiku #Challenge Pure&Serene

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #270 Pure&Serene

autumn’s evening shades
serenity of raindrops
clarity of light

promises of winter nights
muted breath of pristine snow

Copyright © Lizl Bennefeld,
2019-09-14. All rights reserved.